The Farm, owned by the Parish, has for many years been generating a modest annual income for the Parish.  It has been agreed to support a small development of housing on the Farm Yard aimed at improving the overall ‘benefit’ the Farm can bring to the whole community….

Update and Next steps: The Parish Council has appointed Greenoak Housing Association to build and manage the proposed new, subsidised homes on Peaslake Farm yard. The homes are expected to be available for rent in summer 2020 but possibly, spring 2021. It is envisaged that there will be 8/9 new homes and a couple of parking spaces per home. There will be soft landscaping/gardens above the farmyard. The fields will remain in agricultural use. The design of the homes will be sympathetic to the existing style of houses in the village.

There was a public meeting in October 2018 where residents had the opportunity to ask questions of Greenoak Housing Association and their architects. Two designs were displayed and the feedback was extremely positive. I final decision on the favoured design will be made at the January 2019 Council meeting, which will take into account the feedback from the public meeting. There will of course, be an opportunity for further public comment at the planning application stage.

if you are or might be interested in renting a home on this development, please ensure that  that you are either registered on Guildford Borough Council’s housing waiting list or qualify to be registered (CLICK HERE for the chart on maximum bedroom eligibility)

Qualification to register on Guildford Borough Council’s Housing List:

People over 16 will qualify for inclusion on the Register if they:

  • have a local connection with the Borough (past or present)
  • don’t own a home or have sold one within the past 5 years
  • whose behaviour and conduct is responsible
  • have income or capital up to a threshold of:
    single people – gross annual income up to £40,000
    couples without children – gross annual income up to £60,00
    families (including single parents) – gross annual income up to £70,000.
  • The maximum savings threshold is £30,000.

Please note that your position on the list is not relevant to being selected for a home on this development.